Let us solve your I.T problems

Our managed IT clients experience faster performance, fewer glitches, and practically zero down time. Some parts of your system will degrade in performance over time, causing them to slow down, hang up, and crash. Preventative maintenance and network monitoring will detect these problems early and prevent them from escalating into more expensive repairs and downtime.

list of services


Endpoint Management

Using the most advanced endpoint management platform, Titan Tek delivers visibility and control over all desktops, laptops, servers or mobile devices, over any network, across multiple operating systems. 


Help Desk Support Services

Located in North America and staffed by knowledgeable and well-trained IT customer-care specialists, our help desk has been optimized to address your requests in an expedient manner.

Network Management

The network is the critical gear that keeps the whole operation running. We get a real-time view of all the devices on it and how they’re connected - so we always know what’s happening.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Protect your most important asset - Your Data. The cost for loss of data can be severe and can put you out of business. We make sure you don’t become another statistic.

Technology Procurement

We understand that when it comes to buying technology, there are many choices. We dedicate your own Solutionist who’s the best at sourcing IT products for our clients.


System Integration

Gain access to a nationwide network of professional system integrators who install and configure business technology systems to create a productive working environment.


Run an enterprise cybersecurity program that is simple and cost-effective which includes secured cloud VPN and networking, security orchestration and response, cloud firewall, real-time threat protection, and Zero Trust technology in one low cost solution.

Managed Detection & Response

Business face an ever-changing barrage of challenges to their cyber defenses. A defense-only strategy is not enough to combat advanced targeted attacks that enterprises face daily. To realize true resilience, the resources in your arsenal should be skilled, precise, fast and efficient.


Whether it be Office 365 or Google Suite, we will provide you information about various benefits, uncover the truths and details on the conveniences of cloud-hosted email. Our goal is to educate why cloud email is worth it, as well as provide accurate information regarding reliability and security concerns.


Phone Systems

Business change and grow and the ability to quickly scale up, or down has become necessity. A cloud-based phone system would enable small businesses to manage communication services in a less costly, more streamlined and agile manner. Titan Tek will help you manage or implement a cloud-based phone system with ease.


Business change and grow and the ability to quickly scale Cloud-to-cloud backup, or C2C backup, is the practice of copying date stored on one cloud backup service to another cloud. If data created in SaaS applications, such as Salesforce, Google Suite or Microsoft Office 365, is lost or deleted due to human error, the company is held responsible. We protect your cloud data to ensure redundancy.


To guide businesses in the future, Titan Tek manages on-and off-prem application environments, multiple public clouds and enterprise-grade implementations. We exercise flexible processes and methodologies and pay close attention to compliance, cost controls and global IT demands.


File Sync

Give your employees flexibility with File Sync solutions. Work wherever you need to. Access your data through mobile devices or websites, so you can make that last-minute change even from a friend’s computer. File Sync allows people to work together without even thinking about it. We help you choose which secured File Sync solution works best


We make it possible to create an entire IT environment in the cloud. We provide the best told to contain costs and provide the centralized management you’ll need to be effective. You’ll get the best mix of both performance and cost based on your specific usage and needs.

Data and Voice Cabling

We provide strategic planning for all cabling projects. We’ll help you design and implement complete structured cabling systems and equipment.

Business Wi-Fi

Our experts can provide you with Wi-Fi coverage assessments to improve and upgrade your existing systems or implement an entire new system for an entire building. We easily can expand your network coverage with additional network cabling, easily integrating to your existing network.

Data Room Design

Whether it be expanding your business to a new space or looking to better utilize your existing space, we work with you to design a more efficient telecommunications and Date room. We’ll be there every step of the way to make sure you make the most of the space allocated for your business.